About Us

Project-Based Learning that Doesn't Forget the Learning

About Ten80 Education

Ten80 is a team of STEM, education and business professionals dedicated to cultivating a STEM Ecosystem that unites and inspires the next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers and innovators, empowering ALL students to thrive in a world of constant innovation.

Ten80’s first engineer-educator teams formed in the late 1990’s to champion Project-Based Learning that Doesn’t Forget the Learning through professional development.  Over the last 20+ years, through NSF grants, longitudinal studies and K-12 educators, Ten80 has developed a comprehensive, data-driven philosophy and framework for STEM education that can engage and serve all students.

Today Ten80 is a leader in STEM Education, named one of four Exemplary and Ready-to-Scale Initiatives by Change the Equation & STEMWorks.  K-12 schools, organizations and networks partner with Ten80 to initiate a comprehensive STEM system or strengthen existing programs through:

  • Collaboration = Professional Development, Educator Mentoring & Coalition-Building
  • Curriculum = Modular design to supplement existing curriculum or be the sole, standards-based curriculum
  • Kick-Offs & Competition = STEM Tour & National STEM League competitions to reinforce the habits of mind, concepts and skills cultivated through the curriculum.

Read about Ten80’s Philosophy & Framework for all of these key activities (page is being updated, Aug 2017) .e

Our Vision

Ten80 envisions a society of creative, agile problem-solvers who are inspired and prepared to thrive together through constant innovation and teamwork.

Learning is no longer preparation for the job; it is the job.

Today’s students will live in a future in which they invent and reinvent their work, team up to solve problems, develop new knowledge, and continuously acquire new skills.*

Whether living at the tech frontier, leading a new community initiative or seeking political solutions, innovative thinking toward a common goal is the key to unlocking a society that thrives in this future.

* NCTAF, 2011, p.4

Our Mission

Ten80 is transforming how K-12 educational institutions teach and students learn, breaking down subject-matter silos and fostering systems that cultivate agile thinking, teamwork, leadership and deep conceptual learning.

INSPIRE all students to practice the process of Innovation through exemplary STEM Education.

Through STEM Education, PREPARE each individual to live a life of confidence that comes from knowing how to effectively answer the hard questions, skillfully tackle challenges and innovate toward a sustainable and prosperous future for themselves, for their community and our global society.

Ten80 = 1,080 = 3 x 360

Ten80’s logo is a Venn diagram. A Venn diagram uses closed curves to represent complex, interdependent relationships among sets. Each closed curve is 360 degrees.

  • This “STEM” version of the logo defines engineering as the intersection of science, math and technology applied to a problem or opportunity.
  • This “Society” version represents a vision of society as the intersection of three spheres of influence: cultural, economic and political.
  • Ten80 = 1,080 and represents a stronger society through the promise of STEM Education for all. #WeRTen80