Intro to Computer Science


Student CompSci Challenge

Ten80’s Student CompSci Challenge is a full curriculum framework, not just a set of activities. It can be implemented as a standalone 1-semester computer science foundation course or be integrated into science and engineering elective courses. Combine it with the Student Rover Challenge to create full-year standalone CS course. See the curriculum overview below for more information or contact us for a full standards alignment table.

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CS-1A Course Overview

Through Intro to Computer Science (CS-1A), students learn the core concepts in computer science. More importantly, they develop problem-solving and computational thinking skills to develop coding practices that are universal across programming languages.

In this 1-semester course, students work with a mix of off-screen simulations, drag-and-drop and text-based programming. This course uses the Arduino programming language which is based on C, a widely used programming language. All concepts are universal and not language specific.

Students will understand algorithms, binary and hexadecimal number systems, data types, decision loops, functions, sensors, and wireless communications that are critical concepts in engineering and computer science. After mastering software and hardware, including basic circuitry lessons, the final challenge is to build an Arduino based personal navigator which helps pedestrians navigate their environment.

Options for Semester 2

Student CompSci Challenge (CS-1A) is designed to lead into the Student Rover Challenge (CS-1B); however, an alternative is to re-purpose existing materials to work on a project that students design using the Enterprise & Innovation curriculum.

Course Features

  • Full Semester Computer Science Curriculum
  • Outlines to integrate into classrooms or clubs
  • Teacher Lesson Plans Guiding Student Investigations
  • Student Assessments for Each Unit (online, self-grading or print out)
  • Culminating Engineering Design Project
  • Software and Hardware Integration. Understand Sensors and Reacting to Changing Conditions in your Code
  • Mapped to MA VCTE, NGSS, CC and CSTA Level 3

CompSci Course Options for a Full Year