Contact Support Team

Contact Support Team

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General Information and Purchasing


Mary Jane Smith

Director of School Engagement

Toll free: 855-836-8033 x 1

Curriculum Development and Rover-CS Support


Maria S. McCarthy

Director of Research and Development

Toll free: 855-836-8033 x 8 

Partnerships & Outreach


Toni Cerbo, Ed.D.

Director of Partnerships & Outreach

Toll free: 855-836-8033 x13

Invitational Competition & Technical Training


Customer Support, PD, Webinars, Points Race & Monthly Challenges


Karlia Willis

Director of Training and Support

Toll free: 855-836-8033 x17

Customer Billing, Accounts and Order Fulfillment


Karen Doescher

Business Services Support Manger

Toll free: 855-833-8033 x 2

Innovators-In-Training Experience Events


Krista DiCaprio 

Event Coordinator

Toll free: 855-836-80133 x18


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1.  Refer to your documentation.  There are a lot of answers there.  Try running a quick keyword search of the NSL Handbook PDF and other guides.

2.  Post on the forum.  For now, access the forum through your moodle login using the “Teacher guide” course.  In March, the forum moves to this site.

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