Applied STEM Challenges

Applied STEM Challenges

STEM for Grades 3-6

The More You Know, The Faster You Go.

Looking for STEM programs for Grades 3-6? Students in Grades 3-6 are introduced to math modeling through the excitement of racing. Small radio controlled cars engage kids while building deeper understanding of STEM and teamwork. Support core curriculum requirements for inquiry based math modeling on a small-scale classroom race track.

Elementary students are motivated by the tools and by rising scores while also focusing their attention on objectives in your curriculum.  Boost addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, data collection, graphing, problem solving, decimals, fractions, time, measurement, estimation and more!

Federally funded research within a Safe Schools, Healthy Students program has proven that Driving STEM (Formerly named Math2Go) significantly and positively impacts school attendance, subject retention, and testing scores.

Driving STEM meets state and national requirements for physical science as brings hands-on learning into math classes. Combine Driving STEM©, MindBugs in Measurement© and Scaleville© for a daily, weekly and monthly activity in integrated math and science.

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