Hub Organizer

Become a Partner in Ten80's Exemplary & Scaling STEM Network!
Hub: The effective center of an activity, region, or network.

A Ten80 Hub is the center of activity for students and educators involved with Ten80 programs including the National STEM League (NSL), Math2Go and STEAMBridge.  Ten80 Hubs can be the center of activity for a geographic region such as a 300 mile radius around Atlanta, GA or it can be the center of activity for a network of clubs such as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

The exemplary results of Ten80’s programs are achieved with the following take place or are in place to support a Hub:

  • Two annual National STEM League events, one to kick-off the season and one to determine the regional winner,
  • A local Sanctioned Official that understands Ten80’s rules, scoring and can therefore ensure competitions are fair and official,
  • One face-to-face teacher / mentor training session per year and a
  • Board of advisors that work to provide support to hub events, educators and students.

The Hub Organizer role can also take many forms.  Essentially, a Hub Organizer is a certified individual, organization or company that leads local promotion, support and event organization efforts for one or all of Ten80’s K-12 programs.  The benefits to Ten80 Hub Organizers include the opportunity to generate funding that supports the initiative, to connect to a K-12 pipeline of students, to expand youth access to a program certified by Change the Equation as both Exemplary and Scalable.

Contact us by emailing or calling the number on the Contact Us page to talk about how you or your organization can partner with Ten80.