Supplementary Skills Materials for Elementary STEM

Supplementary Skills Materials

MindBug© Buster Activity Sets provide hands-on math & science activities using manipulative that make sense. The tools help students learn to seek patterns, to understand measurement and to see math and science in the world around them.


A MindBug begins life as a simple misconception but grows rapidly out of control. Like a computer virus, the MindBug causes problems throughout a learning system. For example, a child learns to line numbers up to the right and add and the procedure works until 5th grade when decimals appear on the scene. MindBugs are found in every student in every school in America (and most adults). Erase the
problems brought on by shallow procedural knowledge, and build deeper core understanding.

MindBugs in Measurement

Measurement is a foundation of all scientific endeavors; understanding measurement is crucial to a student’s success. These everyday tools facilitate knowledge transfer because students see stopwatches on soccer fields and weigh scales in grocery stores. They also offer opportunities to teach fractions and decimals.

MindBugs in Numeracy

Students who recognize patterns are well on their way to conceptual grounding in mathematics. Like measurement tools, seeing patterns in numbers will facilitate transfer because students don’t have to memorize procedures to ‘get the right answer.

Activity Sets

Each set includes a manipulative + Student Activity Guide with 36 Activities + CD ROM with Printable Activity Pages.  Setup independent or group activity areas.  Add manipulatives to make it a class set.

Category Tool Concepts
MindBugs in Measurement Stopwatch time, decimals, and rounding
Digital Weigh Scale weight, density, decimals, units
Tape Measure distance, length, fractions, decimals, units
MindBugs in Numeracy Abacus place value, number sense
99s charts patterns, LCM, multiplication