National STEM League: Innovators-in-Training

National STEM League: Innovators-in-Training

Student Innovators in Training Challenge

Innovation Takes Practice. Let’s Get Started.

Innovation takes inspiration and discipline. Innovation is a purposeful process and a mindset that takes practice. The Innovators-in-Training Challenge (IiT) invites you to get started today.

Middle and high school students can enter into six different series, each judged independently. Other than the eOrigami category, each series rewards students and teams for the creativity and determination behind invention and for the planning, communicating and general enterprising at the core of innovation.

Additional Details, Deadlines & Resources

Click here for deadlines and a summary of each of the six series.

A password is required to upload submissions.  The password is emailed to all lead chaperones from schools and organizations that participate in a Ten80 STEM “Innovators” Experience. If you do not have a login but are eligible to participate, contact Ten80.

Ready to submit your entry now? Click HERE.

IiT Challenge Series

Eligible students can enter any series, regardless of the workshop they attended at an Innovators-in-Training Experience. Click here for a summary of all series or links below for details.


Innovation is a process of purposefully combining these four elements: (1) the engineering process that requires (2) specific content knowledge and skills, the (3) enterprise process which is essentially prototyping a business and (4) leadership principles required to turn ideas into realities.

STEM Innovation Process

The Engineering process and specific content and skills are addressed in Ten80’s Student STEM Challenge curriculum (ex. Problem solving and mechanical systems, computer science, energy & electricity, robotics). They are put into practice through the corresponding National STEM League series and categories.

Ten80’s Enterprise & Innovation curriculum address concepts included in the engineering and enterprise processes. Sections include evidence-based enterprise, business modeling, project management, marketing & public relations and community leadership. The curriculum is made available to all students who are eligible as defined to the right.

Who Can Enter (Eligibility)

Students who meet any of the following are automatically eligible to enter (no entry fee):

Students not associated with these events or programs can enter for a small fee.

* Racing and Rover teams can enter the Game Concept, GUI and eOrigami series. They enter their innovations under the Data-Driven Design category and are already entered into the Community Leadership series.