Become a Partner in STEM

Become a Partner in STEM

Get Involved in STEM.
There is a role for EVERYONE.

Exemplary STEM education is much more than just “doing some math” while applying the “engineering design cycle” or scientific method.  The focus on STEM education provides a true opportunity to change the way we teach and learn so that students are better prepared to thrive in today’s society.  Ten80 champions a view of STEM that has been well defined by STEMWorks and Change the Equation.  To be approved for listing on the STEMWorks database, the premier list of STEM programs that maximize ROI and make a real impact on students, there are 10 multi-dimensional criteria that must be met.  Partnerships are key to accomplishing the goals set forth in each criteria.

Below are just a few of the ways you can get involved and help turn a strong STEM curriculum into an exemplary STEM program for the students it serves.  Contact us by emailing or calling the number on the Contact Us page.


Sponsor Exemplary STEM in Your Community

Business & Industry, Foundations, Government

All education requires funding and strong mentors. STEM Education is often not included in a district’s standard budget and therefore requires outside assistance from the community. You can provide funding, in-kind donations and mentors to help organize and sustain programs in your region. Ten80 proudly enters into public-private partnerships to craft the program that maximizes your ROI.

Start a New Program

Need funding to kick off your program? Contact us so we can partner in sourcing that funding where possible.

School Districts & Schools

Implement the standards-aligned, project-based curriculum in classes, clubs and provide support for students to host and travel to competitions.

Parents, Teachers, Professors, Professionals

Become a team coach or mentor. Volunteer to help organize and run events and camps. Help spread the word.

Become an Associate Partner in STEM

Business & Industry, Universities & Colleges, Museums and Foundations

As professional leaders in a community, you can provide funding, in-kind donations and mentors to help organize and sustain programs in your region.

Institutions of higher education often host professional development institutes for educators and mentors, host STEM Expos, offer summer camps, establish academic credits for courses implemented in high schools, provide student mentors and assist with fundraising.

Museums and community organizations

Become a Hub Organizer

Charities Active in Education, SolidWorks Resellers, etc.

Click to open this page dedicated to the role of Hub Organizer then contact us to talk.