Build a World of Numbers

Build a World of Numbers

Looking for STEM for elementary to middle schoolers?

In the middle school classroom of Ten80’s founding engineer-educator team, Scaleville was a game-changer.  Students continually heard they should “check for reasonableness” in their answers but didn’t know how. How can you know if an answer makes sense when you don’t have a sense of how far, how long, how heavy or how fast things are?  You can’t!

To solve that problem, they developed Scaleville.  Sharing numbers soon became one of students’ favorite moments of every day.

Students grow through the years with Scaleville Daily Starters in their abilities to solve problems, judge reasonableness and estimate.  In elementary grades students measure things they can directly experience.  As they build a sense of measure for objects they relate to, students in middle grades are also challenged to name objects 10X bigger or smaller in magnitude.  Then they also convert to metric.

Start every day with a Scaleville Daily Starter and help students (and yourself) build a world of numbers and become world-class at estimation.

scaleville daily 9-128 Use these 5-10 minute activities to build a world of numbers for estimation & problem-solving by asking, “How big? How much? How far?”