Robotics Class, Camp and Club

Robotics Class, Camp and Club

Rover Challenge


The Student Rover Challenge uses open source software and hardware so lessons learned can be directly applied to new inventions. Even students not drawn to traditional robotics will find motivation and perspective-changing lessons through this class, camp or club.

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Curriculum Overview

In the Rover Challenge (CS-1B), students optimize code and design a Rover robot to autonomously navigate courses paralleling real life operations in remote areas of land, sea, and space. If combined with Intro to CompSci (CS-1A), the two courses provide a full year of CS bridging engineering design and computer science with business modeling and real world applications. Software to hardware integration and interoperability are the key. Computer Science, Engineering, and Enterprise support growth in goal-setting, job responsibilities, and career preparedness.

Every one of the relatively few steps required to assemble the initial Rover Challenge technology is used to explore scientific principles behind the part and its purpose. Optimizing its performance illuminates that problem solving and mathematical modeling are learned, and very valuable, skills.

As with all Student STEM Challenges, the Enterprise & Innovation categories motivate students to manage their time and resources, to market themselves and to develop the “soft-skills” of leadership required to turn ideas into realities. Optional projects like Rescue Rover help add functionality. Power the Rover with renewable energies through the Student Energy Challenge projects.

Are You Ready to Rove?

Intro to CS is a course designed to prepare students, educators and mentors for the Student Rover Challenge design project.  You can skip CS-1A, but ensure you’re not setting yourself up for frustration.  Just because you’ve worked on other robotics challenges doesn’t mean you’re ready to work with the open source hardware and software behind Ten80’s Rover.  Download and take this quick self-assessment to make sure you’re ready to Rove.  Contact us for more information on prerequisites.

Self-Assessment / Course Prerequisites

National STEM League Competition (Optional)

Student Rover Challenge teams compete side-by-side with Racing teams in the National STEM League (NSL). Rover teams compete online in an annual points race and face-to-face at Open Invitationals across the country. Points leaders and Invitational winners are invited to the NSL Finals. Click here for more information on the NSL.

Scope & Applications

  • STEM Endorsement Course, 1 semester
  • Combine with CS-1A for a Full Year of CS
  • Out-of-School Club
  • STEM Competition
  • Summer Camp


Mapped to MA VCTE, NGSS, CC and CSTA Level 3