Student STEM Challenges

Student STEM Challenges

Project-Based Learning
that Doesn’t Forget the Learning

In a society increasingly powered by science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), everyone is a STEM student.  Ten80’s secondary education programs are designed to help every student cultivate 21st Century Skills through team-oriented challenges.  Every Student STEM Challenge addresses a different set of concepts and skills.  All of them help students understand and actively participate in the innovation process that drives today’s economy, civil society and public institutions.

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Course, Club & Camp Curriculum

Student STEM Challenges can be your full 4-year STEM program, after-school club, summer camp and/or offer a single module that connects concepts in your existing program.  Each challenge provides non-consumable materials and comprehensive curriculum (not just a string of projects) mapped to the Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards.  Click on the logos below for more information.

Collaborate & Compete 

Creativity and Collaboration are required.  Competition is optional.  Read about the National STEM League under “The League” tab.

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Ten80 Student Racing Challenge - Student STEM Challenges

STEM Endorsement Course • Intro to Engineering Course • Club • Camp • Modules

Students own a motorsports business and team.  Like the professionals, the team’s ultimate goal  is to engineer the performance of their racecar and their team. The base technology is a 1:10 scale, electric radio-controlled car that has over 4 million setup options … before re-designing a single part!

Student STEM Challenges - COMPSCI Challenge

Student STEM Challenges - Rover Challenge

STEM Endorsement Course • CompSci Specialization Course • Club • Camp

The ultimate goal of the Student COMPSCI Challenge (CS-1A) is to learn how computers think so you can teach them to turn your ideas into reality. This requires learning about computational thinking, algorithms and programming.  The goal of the Student ROVER Challenge (CS-1B), is to apply lessons learned to teach a robot to do dirty, dangerous and dull jobs.

Student STEM Challenges - Energy Challenge

Turnkey Camp • Projects to Turn Any Project into a Renewable Energy Project

Make a big impact in your community or an activity by transitioning from traditional to renewable sources or improving energy efficiency.  Doing this requires you understand the basics of electricity, how it is generated, stored and transmitted.

Student STEM Challenges - Enterprise and Innovation

Business Course or Club • Enhance Existing Courses or Clubs

Innovation takes practice and discipline … so get started.

Everyone has the capacity to contribute to or lead the process of innovation. Combine the engineering process, enterprise process, content and skills to do something no one else is doing.

Apply this curriculum to an existing project or use it to define one your community needs you to take on.