National STEM League (NSL)

National STEM League (NSL)

Collaborate. Create. Now Compete!

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It is easy to integrate collaboration and competition into your STEM program through The National STEM League (NSL), a practice league for future-professionals.  Web-based and face-to-face series ensure you can participate no matter your location or budget.

There is a place for all students to contribute to the team through race engineering, coding and automation, design and fabrication, graphic design, marketing, community outreach and data-driven design projects that ask students to follow their own interests (as long as they follow good investigation practices = GIP).

Registration for your first academic year is included with base and turnkey kits.

Three Ways to Participate in National Stem League

There are three ways for National STEM League teams to collaborate and compete:

  • Web-based: Without  leaving the school, students share work on a secure server to get feedback from remote STEM mentors, earn points, share ideas with other teams and swap assets such as 3-D printer time or CAD files.  Educators can use the site to stay up to date on student work.  2018-19 Points Race ends on May 10.
  • Open Invitationals: Teams meet face-to-face at events organized by Ten80’s team or by Regional Sanctioned Officials.*  Face-to-face events combine the excitement of head-to-head racing with the innovative energy of a STEM Fair and business startup.
  • Internally:  Do not collaborate outside of your school or organization, but encourage collaboration and competition within teams and functional teams involved in your program.


The web-based and face-to-face leagues are independent of one another so teams can engage in one or both (or neither).  Web Points Race leaders and Invitational winners are invited to the NSL Finals. The 2018-19 NSL Finals dated and location are TBD.   [/two_third]

2019 National STEM League Finals

Location TBD
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Jump to the Facebook Photo Album to see images from the 2016 NSL Finals.


Three NSL Series

Open the Competition page using links below for details on each series.

Student Racing Challenge 

Student Rover Challenge

Innovators-in-Training Challenge

Student Energy Challenge
(Bonus category in all three series)

Click here for information on Curriculum. 

* Interested in becoming a Sanctioned Official so you can run NSL Open Invitationals and present workshops on behalf of Ten80 Education? Contact us for more information.